Ways to Engage

Serve as a mentor to a student in the program. Typical time commitment ranges from 30 minutes to more, depending upon the availability of a mentor. Mentorship can occur via face-to-face meetings, virtual, or email. Mentors can offer guidance around a topic, project, or serve as a professional contact for a student.

Provide mentorship

Facility Tours

Guide and tour students through your physical organization location. Typical time commitment can range from 0.5 – 2 hours and will give students an opportunity to view your organization from various perspectives and meet members of your team.

Provide a tour

Guest Instructor

Share an area of expertise, about your organization, or an area/topic of interest through discussion. The typical time commitment is approximately 1 hour.

Share as a guest 

Job Shadow

Host a student to job shadow with member(s) of your team. Time commitment varies; Students are available 2.5 hours per day. Job shadows can consist of one or more days depending upon your availability.

Host for job shadows


Provide an internship experience with your organization. Time commitment varies; students are available 2.5 hours/day. Internships can vary from 1 week to multiple weeks, depending upon staff availability and preference of the organization.

Host for job shadows


Provide students with project work opportunities with your organization. Typical time commitment varies depending upon the nature of the project. Small projects can be completed by students in weeks and larger projects can take months to complete. Project sponsors will meet with students at least 2 times during the project- once at the beginning and at the end. Feedback and communication during the project can occur via email, virtual, or in person, depending upon the needs of the project and sponsor. Project work can take place on-site or in the GO CAPS classroom, depending upon the needs of the project and sponsor.

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