Alex Cash
Branson High School

I chose to join GOCAPS because it is a non-traditional learning environment. It´s a great opportunity to get to go out into the real world and get hands-on experience. I have learned a lot in GOCAPS. Such as, how to be professional, how to dress, how to talk, etc. My favorite experience so far has been getting to go job shadow two different realtors in the area, and see how they do business. To be successful in GOCAPS you have to have an open mindset and time management. Having an open mindset teaches you to try and take every opportunity you can and use it to your advantage. Furthermore, time management comes into play in terms of how much paperwork we do. There is not much work at all. You just have to know when to do it so that you can do other things at home.


Interested in: Real Estate

Achievements: 4 years of job experience at one place (Rhodes Family Price Chopper)

William Bremmer
Branson High School
I chose to participate in GOCAPS because I wanted to interact with businesses and gather as much information as I could about business. I’ve learned an incredible amount about almost every industry in Branson. To be successful in GOCAPS, you need to be on time every day and take initiative in projects.


Interested in: Business Management

Achievements: Willys Garage, Newsletters, Synopsis

Jazmin Garcia


Branson High School

I chose to take GO CAPS because I felt that I wanted to experience different careers before going to college. I’ve learned that there are many things I am interested in simply because I like helping people. There are so many opportunities to impact the people in a community and any job that helps me do that will be fulfilling. My favorite experience has been visiting Wild Orange Boutique and The Track. In order to be successful in GO CAPS, you need to be passionate about your future and be involved so that you get everything out of each experience as possible. I will be going to college and now that I’ve had a range of experiences I know what kind of classes I should be taking. GO CAPS has helped me discover who I am as a person and how I work alongside others which will help me when I have co-workers. I’ve learned about responsibility and how to manage my projects and work to become a balanced individual. I am very glad to have the opportunity of being a first-year ambassador for the GO CAPS Business & Entrepreneurship Strand.


Interested in: Marketing, Banking, Finance, and Human


National Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, School Outreach Chair – Secretary, Spirit Award Future Business Leaders of America, Thespians Track & Field, M.T.C.C.C.A Academic All-State

Ian S Austin
Branson High School

I chose to participate in GO CAPS because I hate sitting still. After years of coursework for the sake of ¨higher education¨, I dismissed the value of traditional, extrinsically motivated education designed during the industrial revolution. I instead chose to auto educate myself in subjects untaught in the school curriculum to support my own intellectual development through critical thinking. The GO CAPS program allows this autoeducation to take place, while still providing the instruction necessary for preparing students for emerging adulthood.


Interested in: Communications, economic development

Achievements: Captain of Branson Debate Team, HOBY Leadership Award, Capstone project, GO CAPS networking

Ridge B. B. Schroeder
Branson High School

I chose to participate in GOCAPS so I could start building connections now so they have time to develop for my future. I have learned more than I expected because I have kept an open mind about every learning experience even if it is something that I don’t think is interesting to me. I think as long as you are driven and dedicated to your future then GOCAPS is the right program for you. I plan to discover what career path I am interested in while in GOCAPS and then go to University to further my studies in that area.


Interested in: Sports Law and International Business

Achievements: National Honors Society Student Council Varsity Baseball Deans List

Faith Fleming
Branson High School

I chose to participate in GO CAPS because I wanted to further my education on professional development in the workforce and business field. I have learned proper etiquette relating to resumes, proper attire, communication, and so much more. My favorite experience by far has been the professional boot camp we had at the beginning of the school year. It taught me so many lessons that have stuck with me throughout GO CAPS, and even in my own personal life. For me, it took lots of time management and drive to be successful in GO CAPS. You sow what you reap, and if you didn’t want to give your time and attention to professionals teaching you important skills, you weren’t going to receive any information you were looking for, or any life skills that you could take with you for the future. I will take the education that has been taught to me on professional development and apply it to my everyday career, teaching others how to be more professional in the workforce.


Interested in: Real Estate, Business Administration, Marketing, and Communication.

Achievements: –FBLA member – Varsity Softball – Student Council – Varsity Soccer – A + Student – Community Service – Received Acceptance into the GO CAPS Program with 230 interviewees and only a student makeup of 30

Anna Hayes
Branson High School

I wanted to take a risk for my own advancement, so I chose to participate in GOCAPS. I took the opportunity for my own personal and professional growth. GOCAPS has taught me professional skills, interpersonal skills, how to make a resume, how to introduce myself to professionals, team building, how to create achievable goals, community action, and most importantly my strengths. My favorite experience thus far has been the accumulative amount of professional speakers who have come in to teach us about multiple kinds of businesses and what it takes. All it takes to be successful in GOCAPS is an open mind and communication skills. I will take all of what I have learned from GOCAPS into my future relationships, businesses, and academia. What I have learned through this course will make me a better leader in the future.


Interested in: Sales & Management

Achievements: Awarded “Employee of the Month” for the Journeys district three times in 2020. Have worked for Journeys for almost 2 years. Had a 3D sculpture in a Dury art show. Got accepted into the GOCAPS (Greater Ozarks Centers for Advanced Professional Studies) Business and Entrepreneurship strand. Have been in AP classes: Psychology, and 3D Studio Art. Have had over 95% attendance for my entire high school career. I Am enrolled in the A+ Program. Fully purchased/paid off a vehicle.

Razi Khan
Branson High School

I chose to participate in GOCAPS because of the profession driven, industry-oriented education it gives me a chance to participate in. One of the first skills we learned in GOCAPS was soft skills such as proper professional communication, resume writing, and even professional conduct. These skills are not going to help me only in high school, but for the rest of my life as I go into the workforce. Some of my favorite experiences are going to businesses in the area that is changing the way we do things. One such company was Dream Co. Dream Co is a small technology company that is making waves in the housing industry by employing cutting edge 3D printing technology on concrete to make houses from the ground up in 90 days. GOCAPS sets you up for success both now and in the future. In order to be successful, students simply need to be engaged and be willing to both learn and apply the skills they already have and are learning through GOCAPS. I know I will take the soft skills I learned through GOCAPS with me for the rest of my life and be ahead of the curve in the workforce, standing out and getting better job opportunities. I will also make the connections I have created so far to both have a mentor in the workforce and have connections in the industry for better opportunities.


Interested in: Information Technology, Retail, Management, and Entrepreneurship

Achievements: Student of the month for citizenship Second place at district FBLA for Introduction to Information Technology Third place team for Entrepreneurship Seventh place for Introduction to Information Technology at FBLA state conference Placed at FBLA district for Computer Problem Solving Multiple leadership positions at school. Manage a business at the Branson Landing

Sarah Weisman
Branson High School

I joined the GOCAPS Business and Entrepreneurship strand because I have always had a passion for art and design, so turning that passion into a small business is what I wanted to learn more about. Hearing about what GOCAPS had to offer seemed like the perfect place to do so. While being in GOCAPS many opportunities and experiences opened up; such as learning about how to develop my personal strengths, job shadowing professionals that share my same interests, getting to discuss with business owners about their personal experience in the business world; how they started, and what they would recommend to grow a brand. My favorite experience so far was going to job shadow at a screenprinting and embroidery business where I got to take a peek behind the scenes. I learned about management, operations, the printing and embroidery process, and most importantly the collaboration between the clients. I learned that when designing something for a client there is a lot of back and forth, when running into a problem conflict resolution is very important in this industry. I have gained so much insight into what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and I will definitely be implementing this into my future.


Interested in: Small Business Ownership, Design, Marketing

Achievements: NHS (National Honor Society) 3 years Varsity Soccer 2 years AP 2D Studio

Bryce K Holloway
Branson High School

I chose to participate in GO CAPS because I wanted a different form of learning. I would argue that in the 5 months I have been in GO CAPS, I have learned more than all my prior years of schooling. I have gotten a real look into the real world, learning how things work, and getting a better understanding of the business world than I would ever receive from sitting in a classroom. This class also focuses on improving our lives and finding fulfillment, and I have been able to pick up a lot of successful habits that will help me all throughout my life. To be successful in GO CAPS you have to care. If you care and have a desire to be there, it´s not a class. It is an experience.


Interested in: Entrepreneurship and Real estate

Achievements: GO CAPS Ambassador Student Body President National Honors Society Boy Scout